Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clarity, Consistency, Coherence & the Greatest of These:

Clarity, Consistency, & Coherence
                Uber alles

Are you there when I crucify Our Lord?
Hammer and Nails. Hammer and Nails.
I hammer in the morning. I hammer in
the evening. All over this spam. Making
IT perfectly clear no doubt and the world
a better place for it. It’s a calling.

I have a genius for finding flaw and fault,
inconsistency and contradiction, split
infinitives and dangling modifiers,
mixed metaphor and hidden assumption,
pathetic fallacies and false dichotomies,
solecisms and solipsism, narcissism and
selfie-exhibitionism, procrustean bias and
prejudice, greed, envy, desire, wounded
vulnerability, fear and trembling and

cover-up.  I’m good at it. Right under:
my very gnosis.

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