Saturday, February 7, 2015

LIBERAL ART Not to be confused with liberal arts)

Liberal Art:  Afflict the Afflicted—vulnerable, 
wounded, stunned stupid and studious. What?
 What the? What the hell?.The Comfortable 
 are comfortable—comfort makes no never
mind. Invulnerable. Whole. Sated & satisfied. 

A Higher Truth:  I can’t handle the truth.
Got to nail it down so it don’t wiggle while
I do my business: growing my purposeful  
life—goals, aims, measurable objectives,
nothing but good  intentions  Socrates says
that no man does  wrong knowingly and he’s 
 right.  Plenty of lower wrongs—but who 
would do a Higher Wrong on purpose?

Evangelical me: dirty work but love’s got to
do it. A calling:  turning up confusion, muddle,
 mess & guess, praise for the crippled & lame
&  Hobble De Hoy: Ignorance and the Mothers 
of Invention. House band &  Unpostponed

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