Saturday, January 17, 2015

Homeland Insecurity Issues


Homeland Insecurity Issues

The problem with accusing any one, (scolding,
mocking, ridiculing, correcting, rectifying): we
see it as attack, get defensive and my words of
wisdom bounce off like rice off a rhino.  Same
with my keen insight and opinions on politics
and religion and basketball—exquisite  systematic
analysis, interpretations, and reasons-why..Resisted.
Rejected: Who do  I think I am, anyway?  

“Neither logic nor sermons convince,” says Whitman,
nor facts, stats, polls, data, rhetoric, magazine articles.
Won’t change a  mind-set   Bless our hearts.

IT is never about what it’s about. What IT’s about is
relationship: see me, hear me, touch me, feed me,
like me really like me.  Or hate. That works too.

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