Thursday, January 15, 2015

Satirize and Be Satirized

Satirize and Be Satirized 

I make the world a better place practicing daily my Critical
Thinking Skill-Set to expose & lambaste hypocrisy, ignorance,
fear, hate, stupidity, contradiction. inconsistency, grand mal ego
—them bastards: scold and mock best I can, delighting in my
vocation Playing for Team Smart & Good and the Right Side
of History: shaming peccadilloes and crimes. against humanism
and of course desire galore ( o my yes, o hell yes: won’t you put
on your party dress!). It’s a calling. Fundamental.

The satire that suits & expresses me is no problem.
Piece of cake. Messing with the OTHER. Pull his chain.
Jiggle the cage. Expose the stupidity. Show how ridiculous.
Enjoy the pain, embarrassment, consternation. A delight—
no doubt. Winning. Gotcha.

I satirize (mock, ridicule, make a monkey of the convictions,
the beliefs, the ceremonies, the protocol, customs, conventions,
habits, procedures, taste & style of OTHERS. Not liking or
approving of what I see. What else is satire good for? I can’t
think of any other value.

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