Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jesus Redux

JESUS REDUX. Except for the son-of-god who I’m told
was never wrong never never never: all the rest, large
& small, famous & infamous, published & unpublished,
masc or fem, terrorist or conformist--all fall short,are
inadequate, insufficient, wrong & damaged & damaging.
And so of course accuse-able. Any one can be accused
for inadequacy, incompleteness. This makes for a field day
for us accusers--satanic: I can point out the shortcomings
and errors and wrongs and hypocrisy and fear and envy
and desire --hidden hate--and think my self perceptive and
even righteous. .


  1. It's a problem of (w)holes.

    I'm a (w)hole person, not quite Jesus but pretty damn close, dammit, close enough at least to accuse because in this lack I give myself space to see the destitute and damaged in everyone else.

    Jesus didn't DO much judgement and accusation: he washed beggars' feet, fed everybody, and hung around with prostitutes. Less (w)hole and more HOLY.

    Those gaps though, between whole and (w)hole, they're what teach us. And beyond, I'd say, how we even have space (or need for) consciousness. If I perceived the environment exactly the way it was, there'd be no need for thought, my brain would do no filling in, I'd never think someone was someone else from a distance, a hammer would be a hammer would be a hammer and never a bottle opener or a weapon, and all those damn naive realists would be right.

    Thank GOD for that.


    1. Brigitte: Naive realists or savvy makes no never mind. Nobody's right but Jesus (who can do no wrong, never never never.) All are inadequate, insufficient, accuse-able --accusers galore always a field day for accusers