Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ideas are More Important than People but it can't be said.

My good old man told me people are more important
than ideas. He’s right I guess.  I prefer IDEAS.  But
I’m Sam: “academic”  and powerless to prevent it.  

Here’s an important Idea: the 3-way triadic distinction
and relationship between (in this case) Archetype,
Stereotype, and Allotype

Let me abuse the gender notion in This Case (in this case)
as mere token for the IDEA. In this case, don’t mistake
the media for the Message.)

Consider the Difference  & the Relationship between


An archetype is an idea—not a thing. Can’t touch it.

A stereotype manifests IT : a representation. Drops IT
down a level from Idea. Still: untouchable but illustratable .
Can see it, so to speak—in manners of speaking and as it were.

Allotype: embodimental embodying all the regional and
local variations—political diversity and difference, family
and individual variety: same but not alike, identical but yet
distinct. Related but  relative.

Justice – an idea: an archetype    Hate – an idea - archetype
                                     stereotype                                           stereotype
                                     allotypical                                           allotypicalities   

Religion  etc    I could go on. The tokens are not what IT’s about.
The 3-way distinction and relationship.  that’s the IDEA that counts.

More than people?

                            False or Foe dichotomies?

Ideas are more important than people.
The environment is more important than the species.
The media is more important than the message.
The background is more important than the figure.
The context is more important than the text.
The forest is more important than the trees.
The pattern is more important than the details.

Keeping IT in play is more important than Nailing IT Down.

IT, I said. Do I always got to be spelling IT out?

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