Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Always something but I didn’t much believe in it.
Now: nothing. Got nothing I  don’t have to believe in.
(Just describing is all. You know, right?)

Success validates belief.
Failure engenders faith.
Or else not.

Build Thee More Stately Mansions
Raise High the Roof beams Carpenter
Frame IT –whatever—so it’s All Good.
fear, hate, anger, envy, depression,
mania,  ups n downs mistakes & errors
ongoing damage done, selfish indulgence,
insult, accident, ignorance and we’ll see
for crying out loud.

IN but not OF the opposition: no denying
or covering-up rocks and hard places, devils
& deep blue sees, sombitch and god damnit,
faux and foe dichotomies, binary pairs and
distinct dualisms on the one hand and also
on the other always two sides of the same koine,
relatives and relativities, dictions and contra
dictions out of the box but always in it.

False or Foe dichotomies:
Ideas are more important than people.
The environment is more important than the species.
The media is more important than the message.
The background is more important than the figure.
The context is more important than the text.
The forest is more important than the trees.
The pattern is more important than the details.

Guilt (debt, ought) makes good sense & there
is never any reason why I shouldn’t feel it
though it  gets covered up by agenda. aim,
purpose, measurable objectives, pancakes
and snowy mornings, trips to WalMart,
piano practice, walking the dog & stuff like
that.     Shame: that’s something else..

It would be futile and foolish of me to deny
why I post & post on Facebook. To call attention
to myself for sure—best I can. Can’t think of any
other good reason. Look: do you see what I see?
I know, right? Show off aka Prostitution: “to stand
before y’all.”.

It’s a crime. A crime against culture, custom,.
convention, protocol,  procedure, habit and
habitat. Criminal. Damaged and damaging:
the damage done and “the violent bear it away.”

Confidence AND  aching dark hollow: can’t get
no  satisfaction donuts and rescue dogs, poems
published in very little magazines, on-line dating,
walks on Suicide Ridge,  fast motor cycling thru
Riceville Rd,  crows in the corn fields not with
standing.  Desire = “of the stars, sidereal”--extra
terrestrial intelligence won’t take no be here now
direct objects, dangling modifiers or split infinities.  
Yearning is the  destination.

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