Friday, March 20, 2015

Corrupting the Morals of the Youth

Corrupting the Morals of the Youth

School (schola) =: “leisure  time.”  Ironic, yes?

“Stupid.” “Study.” “Student.” all 3 from Indo
 European   steu – “struck by a stick”  stunned,
      stunning.   Descriptive, true? 
Stupor - also in the stupid, student, study family.

“How can he remember well his ignorance which
 his growth requires who has so often to be using
 his knowledge?”  ( Thoreau.)

To act is so easy. To think is so hard.”
(Somebody important, I  forget who.
Philosopher probably. )

Don’t just do something: stand there.”  (Dan Berrigan)

I wouldn’t walk across the street to save the world,
Again: Thoreau. Was he being humble or arrogant?
Tell me.

The first words of the devil to God:
 “Here: let me fix that for you.”


My Solitary Confinement. 
With a big window. Stink bugs exploring the
glass for months, leaning toward enlightenment..  
Breezes from beyond. Social Media and on-line 
access.  Coffee and hot chocolate.  A lean-back 
chair I can fall asleep in. Whether I getRdone
or don’t, waiting for Gödel or snoozing or surfing 
the web of the world: I won’t just do something.

To suffer in translation.  To die for. Even if I 
were younger and healthy-bodied I wouldn’t 
be an activist, helping others. Cause  greater
than my self. I tear-up at movies and sitcoms
and tv ads but someone else’s suffering doesn’t
move me.  Might make a good cop or soldier 
(mercenary) were I to do it  over—brain
surgeon or heart surgeon with little bedside
manner instead of an educator. Sight of blood 
sometimes bothers me.  Ideas are more
important than people.

I can’t handle the truth. Have to nail it down
so it won’t wiggle while I do my business.  Cut
and stretch to fit my procrustean agenda—purpose,
goals, aims and measurable objectives. Gluten is
not a concern for me, but the fact that people play 
golf lets me feel better about my socio-pathologic. 
It’s the case that knowledge of starving children
in Africa has never made finishing-off what’s on
my plate or rice pudding more justifiable..  Wretch
like me. Like me. Really: like me.
As an educator I aim to bring Confusion to the 
table. make a host of Muddle and let Incoherence 
have its say.  Snuffle up Hidden Assumptions and 
expose Controlling Metaphors.  All ye all ye in free.
I don’t succeed at this. You’d think it’d be a piece 
of cake. Unpostponed Joy.  The environment
nurtures and sponsors  Clarity Uber Alles—
Coherence & Consistency: that Triad, and puts 
a damper on and discourages rooms for play,
margarine and error. Resistance to Foolishness
is monumental. Playing piano on white keys only. 

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