Saturday, March 21, 2015

Phenomenology is No Piece of Cake Either

It's not Easy being Epistemological. Phenomenology is
No Piece of Cake Either.IT can’t be said. What’s said is
not IT. Approximation at best.  Representation. Standing for.
Scapegoat.. A like --likeness not an IS. Spelling it out is a
crime to the whole a necessary violation. Damaged and
damaging, damnit. The more general the less damage.
Devil’s in the details & specifics.  Ideas are more important
than people. This kind of talk won’t get my  motorcycle
repaired or find my way to San Jose. IT’s something else.
Far out. Hap.

A Presbyterian Minister announces he doesn’t believe
in God anymore—unable perhaps to accommodate
or else annihilate images of  whiskers and robes and
footstools, right and left hands, wrath and wrinkled brow
and Santa Clause stereotypes that characterize & shape
belief & hope & disappointment: football teams praying
for success filtering and eclipsing  the mystery and
supernatural and stuff like that.. Daddy Issues.

I barely READ much any more—having spent a life
time following the thinking gourd, convinced reading
books would make me smarter, buying-in to the
Bookocracy. Einstein says I’m crazy to keep repeating
the same action expecting results to change.  Reading
books hasn’t made me any smarter.  Shifting writing
from left to right-handedness may have—adroit &
ambidextrous where before only sinister.

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