Thursday, March 26, 2015

Afflict! Afflict!

Afflict the Comfortable. Afflict the Afflicted, Too

With monumental Righteousness (my mission 
impossible  from God, calling, vocation). I take 
un-postponed joy in harassing the righteous true
 believers and defenders of the fate: diabolical 
work finding fault, flaw, inconsistency, split 
infinity: exposing underlying assumptions and
controlling metaphors—contradictions of
course (galore) . School  Mode, I claim—my 
rationalization: not to  be confused with Church 
and State modes, courses  of a different collar.
Ivory Tower Work—or what’s a college for?  
Grooves of  Academe:  Question Authority.
Question Everything. Comfortable in one’s own 
spin. Elenchus to aporia—prerequisite 
for starving Liberal Artists. 

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