Sunday, March 29, 2015

Holy the Firm

I believe in God and I do not believe in God,.
monumentally whole-istic compared to the
ongoing  half-assed testimonial brou-ha-ha 
tink-a-tank-tunk  caterwauling among those
who either do believe or don’t believe, 
stamping rumplestiltskin feet and making 
righteous big deals of IT one way or the other: 
agonizing a Siamese Relationship, tarbaby 
stuck in a double-bind team spirit neither side 
can escape or acknowledge, either-or-ing 
themselves  to deaf like a son of a gun..  

WHOLE-ism.  A life of day-to-day contradiction, 
inconsistency, coherence to incoherence ratios,
doubling doubtfulness, certainty to  uncertainty
parameters, hot to cold, anxious to oblivious,
Irrationality driving my so-called rational &
logical minions heroically protecting a Citadel of
bias and belief,  prejudice and conviction, salved 
and sealed-in,  Salvation and apocalypse
now and again and again.. 

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