Friday, April 3, 2015

Original Sin

Original Sin
My have to say fundamentalist friend
David Balzer brought to me the 
realization of the necessity of a
Conviction of Sin. Not only a natural
temptation to resist and deny—let
alone conceive my lucid schemes
might be luciferous. Takes some thing 
like an immaculate conception, yes?

Otherwise: all pretense and put-on 
and bible quotes and o what a sinner
am I amen and singing in the choir 
and y’all come back now you hear
bless your heart --stick in a thumb, 
pull out a plumb and accuse like a
son of a gun. Bastards. Evil doers.

Until one gets hooked and hauled out
of the pond to flip and flop on the dock 
for a few moments so to speak, in manners
of speaking and as it were. Now knowing 
the difference between absolut (dry) and 
all soaking wet--for the first time, Whatta 
friend. Ridiculous to the Savvy, offensive
to the Conscientious.

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