Sunday, April 5, 2015

"He is Risen," my Good Old Mom Would Proclaim

I’m not spiritual worth a damn, but
OMG religious as hell. No no: the
other way round: not religious worth
a damn, but spiritual as hell. Hell with
it: not worth a damn. Just  describing,
is all. Wretch like me.

I can’t speak for other religions but in my
opinion the language of Christianity, its 
various franchises & pious preacherly  talk 
pretty much eclipses its spirit & double-
edged holysmokes & o my gawd sword. 
Where’s Flannery when we need her?

Remember how wasted disco got in the late 
70’s? Abuse by over use. It happens. 
Cliché’s-out.  And it does no good to go 
retro and talk like a prophet—abominations 
& depravities. Might as well wear bell bottoms
and expect respect. 

“My Ego’s  crucified,” my  old man would 
explain. “It’s beyond me.”  Thy will be done 
like it or not hap happening happily. .

Do I presume? I am large. I contain multitudes.

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