Monday, April 6, 2015

I Love My Enemies

Dear Facebook:  Among other things, I accuse,
scorn, mock, chastise, castigate, ridicule, am
appalled, astonished, outraged, indignant, clever,
witty, savvy well-read & informed, fit & fed,
generous toward dogs, gluten & golf,  tolerant
toward atheist, evangelist, liberal, conservative,
democrat, republican, libertarian. Californian,
Carolinian: see to shining see--hammer in the
morning, hammer  in the evening, making the
whirl a better pace. My sealed-in mind-set’s a
citadel and homeland secure. Among other things,
Sampling, is all. Representing..

Everyone’s my enemy. Inimical. Hate you all.
Foreign, Alien. Other. Else.  How could it be
otherwise? It’s the denial and cover-up that
raises the Bozone Layer. “An enemy is as good
as a Buddha” –  Zen koan: brain wash scrub a
dubbing a mind-set—y’all are my Buddhas, 

Oh, how I love my enemies. .. 

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