Tuesday, April 7, 2015

LIBERAL ART (not to confuse with the liberal arts)

LIBERAL ART (in case you didn’t know) is
an Esoteric Practice (not to be confused with
the liberal arts—resume-building practical &
applied  vocational training in the disciplines.).

For your convenience & consideration and
the sake of argument (or what’s a college for)
I have reduced IT to three (3)  levels, phases,
stages: at once simultaneous  and sequential.

I. Coming to an awareness of being in the Cave
(the culture, the custom, the convention) – by
something like immaculate convention, Gödel’s
Theorem, hooked and hauled out of the pond to
flip flop on the dock for a short while.

II. Getting out & what it takes. (Suffers in translation:
to die for no doubt and possibly by the practice
of dialectic, as Plato indicates, if you know now..)

III. Coming back in without being crucified ostracized,
institutionalized so to speak as it were and in manners
of speaking. mostly though literally tarred and feathered
is an understandable possibility. Risky business.  Pay

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