Saturday, April 11, 2015

Be a Noun

Phi Beta Kappa STUPID is not being 
able to fathom and factor in the fact
that we won’t change our mind-set,
attitude, and outlook just because you 
prove to us how irrational we are, how 
biased and prejudiced, how on the wrong 
side of history, how inconsistent our
cherry picking, how naïve, how defensive 
we are. Bang your head in consternation, 
mock and ridicule, jump up & down, seethe
and simmer in your smartitude: it makes 
no never mind, stupid I  know I am but 
so are you.,

Don’t argue then. Pronounce. Preach. 
Stand and Deliver. Tell it like it is. Insist.
Quote authorities.  Cite facts. Document. 
Take no no for an answer. Stamp your foot.
Nominate. Be a noun.

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