Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fight Club

Dear Laura.

My father told me many times that
people are more important than ideas.  
I agree, but prefer ideas. In school
 mode, at least, if not church or state.
Local Food. Local Social Media. 
Half Baked Ideas in Process. inquiry, 
wonder,  argument, discussion, 
constellations and digression, opinions, 
commentary, aggravation, rant,
if not rage. Live converse action is  just 
all right by me.

FacultyL provides ongoing hyde-park,
groves of academe action  24/7/365 that
doesn’t conflict with anything  A faculty
that brays together…a good thing. Imagine 
the environment it would generate.  Collegial.  
Bodes well for future vitality and  academic 
animation. Don’t you agree? Gold’s 
Gymnasiam (“naked training”)


On a more personal note:

Wings of a dove, immaculate  conception, 
Gödel’s Theorem: ways of imagining and  
talking  about what might be said to break 
through my naturally narcissistic, solipsistic,
bubble boy mind-set: sealed in  and protected
by both secular and sacred humanism galore.  
Among other things: an environmental issue.
Plus my own lucid schemes, aims, goals, 
golden purpose and measurable objectives. 
Inconceivable: a  break thru. Beyond me no doubt  
Impossible—prerequisite to possibility.

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