Wednesday, April 22, 2015

System Prayer

Stochastic Process. System prayer.
In my courses, I assume higher
usefulness can emerge collectively
by opening up to, if not accessing,
the more-than-sum of our parts and
partiality otherwise known as Whole.
Normally, power is filtered and
blocked by agenda  and protocol:
getRdone aims, goals, purpose,
measurable objectives.

Hi ho, hi ho: toward frontiers yet
unknown. News comes  flapping in
like storks hauling bundles of
postponed joy once we know our
known eclipses the possibilities.
Expected and predictable occlude
the unexpected and unpredictable,
yippi ky yeah..

Gonna lay down my rationalistic-
sword & shield and sit in the shade
of my Bo tree—obedient. Know
what I’m saying?. Of course not.
Ridiculous to the savvy, offensive
to the conscientious. How could it
be other wise?

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