Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fools Rush Inn

God is No Respecter of Persons

SCHOOL (from Latin: schola—leisure)
Margins for Error. Rooms for Play. Oops
& damnit: slip sliding away  Diller a dollar,
my 8 o’clock scholars. Leisure time.  Time
for LEISURE.. Good ship scholarship.

O CONTRARY: “To be in opposition is not 
to be a nihilist. And there  is no decent or
charted  way of making a living at it. It is
something you are, and not something you do.” 
[Christopher Hitchens "Letters to a Young 
Contrarian," ]

Counter intuitive: against tuition and intuition.
Fool-for-Christ for christ’s sakes for crying
out loud in manners of speaking and as it were.
Nonsense and no-sense-at-all. Dada issues.
OMG:  surreal!

I hate you all I tell my class after a particularly
good bullshit session.  They laugh and laugh
and go on to their next class where they are
loved rigorously & unconditionally.

Apocalypse now and again time after time.
Look: See?  Under cover booty broken for
view. Take your leisure time.
No rush..


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