Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ah, the Humanities Division

Catholics confess their sins, ha ha ha ha
Lutherans celebrate  the feast of the foreskin
ho  ho ho  Native Americans (formerly
known as Indians) wear feathers and dance
for rain  tee hee Hillbilly southerners handle
snakes and drink poison muhaha Muslims
bow down on knees and heads and pray 5
times a day. Presbyterians drink grape juice
and eat white bread and call it God. I could
go on. All in our thoughts and prayers. We hold
them  in the light. Quakers sit silent as stone and
wait for the divine spark in each  to call out.
Hosana: save now.

The Kind of Thinking that Got us into this Pickle
can’t be the Kind that gets us out, says Einstein.
Leave no one unmocked. Mock and Be Mocked.
Judge and Be Judged. Accuse and Be Accused.
Come let us mock us together. Good if not God
is always on our side no doubt.  No one does
Wrong knowingly, says  Socrates: wrong, sure,
but WRONG—never.  Know we  are doing  right
if we are ridiculous to the smart and savvy;
offensive to the decent and  conscientious
Ah, the humanity.

I don’t have a leg to stand on. Throwing stones,
living  in a glass house. Pot accusing kettle.
Narcissistic sealed-in solipsist.  Biased,
Prejudiced, Xenophobic, Misanthropic, Fear-
driven. Presbyterian (elderly),  more than modestly
educated (don’t I salute the bookocracy), savvy
with fiddle tunes of the western mind. Privileged.
Entitled. Hear me roar.—cry hammock and let

slip the cogs of yore.  Come let us  reason together. 

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