Friday, May 1, 2015

small baltimore

Small Baltimore

Ernest Hemingway brought his portable typewriter
to class this morning and tap tap tapped out a short

tap tap   tap tap tap    tap tap tap    tap tap  tap tap

You could hear mind-a-work.  Morse code.
(suffers in translation: tappety tap tap):

No one mentioned the obtrusion, sonic disruption—
or even glanced up or at each other in recognition
of the common blow to our  protocol—offense to
status quo.  Challenge. 

We  went about our thinking  & writing business—
nonchalant.  No big deal.

Arthur Koestler. in The Act of Creation.  says the
origin of humor, science, and art are all 3 generated
by the same thing: collision—when 2 opposing realms
(fashions, habits, cultures, customs, conventions)
collide. Bang. Bump. Crash.

He calls it the “bisociation of matricies”—wombs
knocking against each other, whelms  at war,
hustera, hysterics.—bang ooo, ouch, shit, damnit:
hurts—no doubt.         Origins.

Ha—that makes me laugh
Aha—that makes me think
Ah—the humanity!..

Humor, Science, Art:
all three  diverse reactions to the
same confounding catalyst: catastrophe,
crash, collision.—a consternation.


How do you frame it?

Meaning: a difference that makes a difference.


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