Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pedagogies for the Repressed

Pedagogies for the Repressed

Do more with less.

I mention Buckminster Fuller in  class,
how his geodesic genius bounced off
the system like rice off rhinos. 

Minutes latter a student—tappety tap—
holds forth, elaborating extrapolating
off Google.

Another: “yes, it says here he built his
first dome down the road at Black
Mountain College.”

In another class: me, explaining the
origins of humor, science, and art
according to  Arthur Koestler  Google
galore around  the table.

       Bisociation  of Matrices? 

“Yes,” I said.

“Later he and his wife committed mutual
suicide--joint euthanasia “.

Spontaneous laughter—
ah, the juxtapositions.

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