Sunday, May 3, 2015

O my my, O my yes

Noblesse Oblige: point out the inconsistency 
in my biases and belief –expose the contradictions.
Turn  up my ignorance Flaunt the  foolishness
of  my  prejudice and  conviction. Mock, scold,  
and ridicule the  relativity of  my cultural 
upbringing— my  defensive noetic homeland 
security issues.  My greed. My Fear.  
Israel.  “Without contraries is no progress” and 
unlike things must meet and mate and wrestle
with the angel Art. Fight Club: wrestling with
god: my will  be done versus thy will be done.
I fight the law and the law wins never the less: 
fighting counts. Yearning’s the destination.  

If you were all in my classes, I could make 
you  take it down, what I say—my ruminations, 
commentary, opinion—and insist it will be on 
the exam and I will  grade you on how well 
you get it. That’s the nature of my institutional 
ex-officio Authority. I may or may not have
charisma but it makes no never mind. The grade
counts like a sonofagun and makes you bow 
your head and do what I say.  Voluntary 
Involuntary issues. Acquaintance rape, so to 
speak—in manners of speaking. Need we argue? 
School – “leisure time.”  Once out of school,
you’re a free-thinker.

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