Sunday, May 3, 2015

School: It's a BRICK HOUSE


I’m a “teacher—in quotes because I’m not interested 
in teaching.Plenty of teachers abound galore--good ones
& indifferent, and who can  blame the indifference 
considering the conditions our condition  is in: an
environ-mentality of instruction & information transfer 
when all human knowledge lap-dances & hums in our
pockets,  riding wristwatches and spectacles and we’re
forcing the issue—with ex-officio grade-gun motive, 
covering the ground, getRdone, move on down the road 
and let no child be left behind.Accountability.  Know 
what you’re doing, Do it.  Say what you did..

How it’s always been

I hope it’s the case that I “teach” nothing nobody
already doesn’t know—no news here, turn it up: 
put it in play. Provocation. Calling forth. Educing 
for crying out loud—education. “But if you  aim to
provoke, Sam,” a colleague tells me: “you might 
provoke.” Risky business. Oops, oh shit, damnit—
I’m sorry, so sorry. Apocalypse now and then  
My apologies. Crime against convention.   It’s a

brick house. .

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