Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Compose and Be Composed

Compose and Be Composed
(Writing as a Life-Long Sport
           aka Liberal Art)

I was released from compositional obligations
some years back because my incommensurate
pedagogy might could demoralize the complicit.

This makes good institutional professional sense.

I allowed no talk-in-class. NBW: nothing but
writing. I’d process their compositions, print.
and pass them out as prompt. Local Food.
Compose as provoked.      Leave. 
That was the course.

Force-it talk-in-air among 8:00  dillar-a-dollar
scholars felt like wasted time, whereas the
atmosphere generated by Mind-at-Work
writing  down bones drenched & permeated
my fluorescent Jensen environmentality like
Rocky Mt Sunshine & January Wasatch
snowfields, .  .. .

 “You’re not making them revise, Sam.”
         The Compositional Shibboleth.

Woodshed & Workshop.
Flows, doesn’t flow, more
here, less there, show, don’t
tell: maybe a bit more tell,
more cowbell. .

I heard an MFA student weep outside my
door early one July afternoon, retreating
from rigorous work-shopping, curled up
beside the totem pole to blow her nose.  

Write yr Ass Off! I say.
Revise, sure. For sound.

Voice is everything.
Content's galore.

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