Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vanity Fair: Suffers in Translation

Suffers in Translation

On the one hand: informing information
informationally--instructing instructions 
instructionally. Take this down; it’ll be on
the exam. Because I said so. Gardening in

Educing local food. Educating: provoking,
probing,  prompting, drawing within without.
Midwiving, say, in manners of squeaking.
Full labor delivery as opposed to Caesarean
short-cuts on the other hand.

Einstein says the kind of thinking that gets
us in a jam can’t be the kind that gets us out.  
George Castanza decided he would go against
his intuition, frame of mind, habits, routine—
and do the exact opposite. As a result he
picks up women and gets a job  with the Yankees. 

I quit correcting and grading students and
invite anarchy into every one of my classes.
Groves of Academe: what? what the? what the
heck? what the heck is that deal?  what the heck
kind of deal is that deal?  Socratic. Corrupting
the mind-sets of the youth, best I can. Samsong

Liberal Art. Moving Violations. The Damage
Done. They rip me off. I rip them off. Together 
we  reciprocally rip-off  the institutionalized, 
fully accredited rubric driven aims, goals &
measurable objectives kind of thinking  that got
us into these current higher educational troubled
times of turmoil and transition  It’s an
environmental issue —suffers in translation. 
To die for.  

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