Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Curse the Candle

My rational and logical skill-sets, such
as they are, serve my irrational bias and
belief system—Boss of Me: my prejudice 
and conviction. I  declare this regularly 
to gird my loins & re-mind myself 
against empiricists,  logical positivists,
rationalists –their ratios & syllogisms 
and convenient , conventional causality: 
common interpretations, explanations,
blamations, reason’s why,  because & affect,
scape goating as if sufficient unto the daze 

Swirly—overcome with all there is to do.
Beyond Possible: Reason ought to tell
me what’s Beyond Reason-- Irrational – 
and soothe my soul,  but it lays its rational
claim on  everything and says better watch 
out, better not pout.  Reason would tell
me I’ll never make it to Connecticut alive
traffic and trucks galore,  but Irrationality 
pats my head: “there there, Sam: all is well 
and all is well and all is well and all manner
of things is.”

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