Monday, June 8, 2015

Stochastic Process

My sustainablity efforts probably are unsustainable as far
as larger out-of-my-box systems are concened--but still, don't
I want to sustain my self and my habits, habitats, best practices,
rites,rituals, routines? Best I can?

How would I know how unsustainable my sustainable condition
is in?   Trauma?  Disruption?  A little birdy tells me?  I'm like
Joe Fish:  wet is inconceivable to me, let alone dry (ab-solut)

Socrates said no man does wrong knowingly and most of my
students disagree, assured they've done plenty of knowing wroing.

But I think  he's right--and some of them get it. Ignorance of ignorance.

Thoreau claimed he wouldn't walk across the street to save the world,
and I ask them: is he being arrogant or humble? Trick question.

Stochastics is an intentional system whose aim, goals, purpose
and measurable objective is to access and glean noise for news,
random for order, helter skelter for best practices.--like prayer, maybe
--or meditation. 

"It's beyond me " my old man would declare a lot his final years.
Stochastic practitioner.

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