Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It Probably Takes a Pillage

An Environmental Issue

Diabolical (on the one hand):  "to
throw across."  Symbolical (on the 
other hand): "to throw together"
he sound of 2 hands. 

Liberal Art 
(as opposed to the liberal arts)

A  former Dean (Virginia McKinley) 
gave me an article claiming that we 
don't teach our students how to argue. 
I've been trying for  years,  and
have made no progress. 

Dissenters are of great value even 
when  they are largely or even 
totally mistaken in their beliefs

We all agree on this, I assume.
No question.  Like the journey,
it's the arguing  that counts,
not the solutions or destination.
Need we argue?

     Argument is essential for
     its own sake.” (Karl Popper) 

Whatever practical application it
might also have not with standing 
makes no never mind..

    “In life we make progress by
     conflict and in mental life
     by argument and disputation....
     There must be confrontation
     and opposition, in order that
     sparks must be kindled.

(Assuming my Comfort Zone can 
include this academic practice. 
Otherwise  forget about it.  )
Only an open conflict of ideas
     and principles can produce
     any clarity....

(But I think it's going to take a  long
long time and there's no clarity- 
guarantee--which is why  the process
has to be valued for its own sake, or
as the coaches say: it's not whether I  
win or lose that counts but how I play 
the game...  )

     Even if all were agreed on
     an essential proposition, it
     would be essential to give
     an ear to the one person who
     does not.   J.S.Mill  ]]

(In my dreams, maybe.  Highly impractical,
J.S.--especially with  so much to get done, 
ground to cover.  So little time.)

"It is the dissenters who force us to think,
who challenge received opinion, who 
nudge us away from dead dogma to beliefs 
that have survived critical challenge, the
best that we can hope for.  Dissenters are
of great value even when  they are largely 
or even totally mistaken  in their beliefs. 
As Mill put it: ‘Both teachers  and learners 
go to sleep at their post, as  soon as there
 is no enemy in the field." ’
             (Nigel Warburton: "Talk With Me.")

(A satan was a prosecutor &  functionary  
in the Hebrew Court and, like the jester: 
accused and taunted, teased and twisted,
tested and tempted the defendant or 
petitioner to see how they stood up  to
the adversity.  )  

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