Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beyond Good&Evil & that "Damned Moral Sense"

Beyond Good & Evil and that
“Damned Moral Sense”

Gregory Bateson studied addicts and
schizophrenics and dolphins as if they
were philosophers—devising their own
self-validating, confirming systemic
sense. Not as aberrations, dysfunctional,
abnormal, anomalies.

Damn: that’s interesting—how they do
that and why?  Burning  them churches.
Worshipping  that flag. Fiddling with small
children. Beheading Christian women.
Cutting themselves. Starving. Ingesting
random pharmaceuticals from bathroom
cabinets.  Exploding in public places.  
Sneaking over  borders towards frontiers
yet unknown. Fascinated with zombies and
walking dead, vampires and werewolves,
scandals and the sanctity of marriage and

Very interesting: Gregory’s approach.  Like
Jane’s--studying chimpanzees. No such
a thing as a bad chimp. All a revelation.


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