Sunday, June 28, 2015

Peace! Peace! Where There is No Peace

Fight Club

“Turn it up,” she said, opposition
unveiled—“or what's a college for?”

Honors Seminar on Theory back in
the late 80's. Before e-mail, internet,
Facebook, instant messaging, texting,
selfies., Twitter, Tinder, trigger
warnings, and stuff like that..

Rigor: when I came to Warren Wilson
I made students type their papers. No
handwritten need apply. Hardship for
some left behind..

Rules, Regulation, Rectification
for those not in love..

We prayed before our weekly faculty
meetings. The president: before staff

“We will open a bar in downstairs Glad,”
he announced. “Beer & Wine will be
sold evenings. All in favor say aye.

No one showed for Arlin Carmichael's
history class in Carson one afternoon,
but he delivered his lecture any  way.

Years later, long gone, Arlin was
kidnapped  and stuffed in the trunk
of his car. Named  his daughter
Veronica Reagan Carmichael.
He was Republican.

Cherishing opinion, speculation,
the sound and sometimes fury of
conversation: I quit assigning
research papers by  the late  70's. 
By the end of the 80's  I lay that
pistol down boys, relinquished
my grade gun.

Pray for me.

I have no ex-officio authority.
How can I lead them to troubled
waters and make  them think?
Guide them around Hidden
Assumptions? Controlling
metaphors?  Cause and Effect?
Because and Affect?
Interpretations?  Explanations?
Blamations?  Reason's-Why?  
On-Acount-Of’s, Origins?  Scape

Without forcing the issue?
Caesarean short-cuts? Aims?
Goals?  Measurable Objectives?

Or else.fight 

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