Friday, June 26, 2015

Wretch Like Me, Really Like Me


I get satisfaction reviling others, mocking,
scorning, ridiculing,  scolding, chastising,
criticizing, interpreting, explaining, blaming,
giving reasons why, causes and  effect,
because’s and affect, scape goating and
proffering rectification, rules and regulations..

Humanphobic, sure. Xeophobic. Misanthropic.
Misogynist. Racist. Solipsist. Narcissist:
redundancy  in all these ics and ists & it
amounts to fundamental Fear & Hate &
welcome to the  First Church of the Crippled
& any one can join once outed & the cover-up's
no longer adequate:  leaking limp and lame 
shall enter first; no talk of golf or coming out
parties of the debutant kind; potluck suppers
and holy  smoking prayer meetings possibly
with plenty of coffee.

I’m part and partial, see thru my ass  darkly,
not vis-à-vis as I might could imagine and
think I can & think I can.

My brand is my-bad—increasingly comfortable
in my own spin.  Denial and cover-up: more
work and less satisfying than coming out as dick,
asshole, jerk—fearful, hateful, jealous,  mean-
spirited. Apocalypse now and again and again.
Niche no one cherishes. Room for plenty & more.

Local Food: I grow my own fear and hate,
off shoots, off spring domesticated and
volunteers no out sourcing necessary---bias
and belief, prejudice and conviction: mind-set
settlement, paradise zoning  & homeland
security system  never the less I scroll my
Facebook line like a geezer with metal detectors
walking the beach. like a kid in a  room full of
horse shit, moon walker on Mars:  bound to be
hidden treasure, a pony somewhere, living water.
Don’t give  up, says Donald Trump:  don’t ever
give up.

I would be writing about others if I knew them
as well  as myself, says Henry. I’m considerably
enlightened or extremely sociopathic. I might
could say both-and—depending on the savvy
of the characterizer: the symptoms are the same,
however framed: a certain amount of beyond-
good-&-evil’s got to be uncanny to the moralist
no matter  which side of  the I’ll.  S’Allgood, or
as  Pope would say “whatever is is good.” 

Sociopathologic. Enlightenmentalism.
Ridiculous to the sophisticated; offensive
to the  conscientious. Not spiritual worth
a damn but religious as hell.

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