Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pray for Disillusionment

The Ludic Mode:  in play, playful:
the play’s the thing

Not how much I know these days of
ubiquitous lap top dancing and mobile
device, but whether I can  put it in play.  

Ludic  on the one hand. Deluded on the
other.Delusion. Illusion. Not in play.

Etymologically: disillusionment’s an
affective mind-set shift from not-in-play,
not-in-game to in-play, in-game.

From  out-of-it: to in-it; deluded to ludic—
determined determination to delightful

Pray for Disillusionment.  

For fifteen years, my stalwart 

unknown frontier pioneering has
been daily provocation: tweak &
twerk, tantamount  to whatever it 
might take to disillusion colleagues
old & young, students all of us:
stunned stupid  and ripe for liberal
art’s antic games—cry hammock
and unleash the cogs of woe.

A monumental failure: means & skill-set 
not sufficient to the goals & aims & ends 
thereof. No measurable  objectives. 
Rubrics of straw.
Never the less: unpostponed joy  pushing
the  rock uphill and down—and you must
imagine me happy.  Yearning is the


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