Thursday, June 25, 2015

Song of My Selfie

I get satisfaction reviling others,
mocking, scorning, ridiculing,
scolding, chastising, criticizing,
interpreting, explaining, blaming,
giving reasons why, causes and
effect, because’s and affect, scape
goating and proffering  rectification,
rules and regulations..

Humanphobic, sure. Xenophobic.
Misanthropic. Misogynist. Racist.
Solipsist. Narcissist:  redundancy
in all these ics and ists & it amounts
to fundamental Fear & Hate &
welcome to the  First Church of the
Crippled & any one can join once
outed & the cover-up's no longer
adequate:  leaking limp and lame
shall enter first; no  talk of golf or
coming out parties of the debutant
kind;  potluck suppers  and holy
smoking  prayer meetings  possibly, 
with plenty of coffee 

I’m part and partial, see thru my ass
darkly, not vis-√†-vis  as I  might could

imagine and think I can & think I can. 

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