Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Do We Lie?


“Why Do We Lie?” title of an essay
in a student portfolio I am reading
to finish up a semesters study.

My wife wrote a history paper on
the Red Army, spring semester of
‘61 and we got married that August.

I turned in the same essay on
existentialism to courses in
Psychology, Philosophy and Religion
and took a  job running a waterfront
on Lake Champlain the previous

I get scraps and pieces of papers
from other courses in my “Reading
In Humanities” class because it’s

Sociology. Biology, Environmental
Studies. History. Variety of Mind
minding mindfully manufacturing
news & liberal arts.

John Showalter just put-put-putted
by on his green John Deer pulling
a wagon full of prospective students.
It’s not easy being green.

The journey is the destination,
not the destination. The  writing,
not the reading, the yearning,
the media, the making of
the movie—not the
movie. Yes?

O the Fading Bookocracy:
Horses and buggies: books.
Dinosaurs. Vestigial. Amish.
Dial telephones & phone
booths.  Pong.  Post Literate
cultural lag.  Anyway:  books
galore not with standing  I’m
intellectual & read them life
long and never made me a

good man crying out loud.

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