Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why is Christianity Becoming a Relic?


Why is “Christianity” (if not religion)
becoming a Relic? Archive? Irrelevant?  
Losing Ground, Holy Smoke & 
Mirrors, Miracle Whipped Tower of Babel
after all these years,  or characterize  it 
and represent its happy holidays best
you can and we can wonder,argue, 
discuss, explore, put IT in play—granted 
some  Christians consider Christianity
the only group that can still be mocked, 
scorned, ridiculed, hated with impunity —
which persecution is expected  & built-
in to the  faith so it  needn’t detract from 
our inquiry and consideration:  how 
come the falling  away? the falling off? 
Does it forebode the 2nd  coming? Anti-
Christ?  Rapture? End-times?  Call for
phenomenologists  and  decent suspended
-judgment description & terms that do no
injustice to the incommensurate values of 
both believers and non-believers beyond
right and wrong, good & evil.

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