Friday, July 10, 2015

God: Hap Happening Happily

HAP happens happily—like it or not. 
Mostly, I don’t.Despite my bias and  belief
system, my prejudice & convictions, my 
goals, aims, measurable objectives, desires, 
wishes,  wants, lacks  hobble-de-hoy 
handicaps: nothing is broken. Nothing to 
fix. Nothing wounded. Nothing to heal.
Except in manners of speaking.  Heal!
Heal! we say, IT’s broken.  IT, we say.  
So to speak.

God: HAP happening happily, hap’s 
will be done no doubt and so to speak
and as it were, HAP happening happily
right be-here-now in my 2nd floor Jensen
office and across thestreet trees thrashing 
in the spirit, sky above, clouds sailing east
toward Black Mountainfront-end loader 
below transitioning from farm to  points 
north. Common sense, tradition, disciplines:  
ways I talk about What’s Happening
–ripping-off hap happily in manners of 
speaking, discriminating, reducing, 
hammering & nailing to suit my purposes
aims, goals, & measurable objectives. 
Crime against the whole. Necessary


My critical thinking, mocking, scorn, 
ridicule, judgment, castigation, 
caterwauling  condemnation is based 
on my superiority: my excellence—
capacity for seeing above and beyond
and over the heads of most if not all.  
How could it be other wise?  It’s a
burden, if not a flaw—being one-eyed 
in the valley of the blind as it were. Have
to patronize: recognize the blindness and 
forgive them for they know not what they 
do.  Noblesse oblige. Charisma.  Otherwise
forget about it.  Discordia.  

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