Friday, July 31, 2015

How Do You Like Your Fiction?

How Do You Like Your Fiction?  
Symbolic : to throw (bol) together (sym)
Diabolic : throw across (dia). Parabolic
(parable): throw beyond, beside, outside.
How do you like your fiction thrown? How
do you like to throw your fiction?  How do
you like to be thrown?   Together? Across?

Diabolical & Parable appeal to me—throw
it across and  apart, throw it  outside and
beyond. IT, I said.  (Do I have to spell IT out?)  

Imagine: throwing  it  together, apart, and
beyond all at once. Simultaneous.  Like taking
out of 3 sides of my mouth at the same time.
Awesome. Awful. Ridiculous to  the savvy,
offensive to the conscientious. Crime to the

linear and consequential.

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