Friday, July 31, 2015

Empowermental Studies

Ordinary Language Academics
                  School Work
Empowermental Studies  because
power is what it's all about, my deep-
rooted motivation generating my
surface  relationships—empowering
or dis-empowering my Will to power,
willy-nilly tending /ignoring,
choosing / rejecting some 
                   “this” or “that”

after untangling, say, Gordian Knots
& Double Binds generated between
Alice Affect and Ike Intellect if you'll
allow me  personification and some
mythologic in order to  put these
noggin notions in play so as to 
wonder why they can’t  Just Get  
Along: my domestic emotional violations:

          yes Yes YES, says Alice;
                    Hell No, says Ike,
          Well, ok then,  says, Ike
                    Nope, says Alice.

&  Willy-Nilly (assuming he’s got some
sense of purpose, aim, measurable goal)
may come to some decision —side with
Alice, his sometimes heart-throb; or hang
with  Ike,  that gnostic agnosticator.

Or maybe consider  the emergent  values
& phenomena  rising up from the ongoing
fight-club struggle.

Always a power struggle.

Power to  Will. Will to Power.
Empower-mental Studies& Leadership

Programs going  on & on and my  willy/
nilly  be done, damnit, an ongoing
domestic violation where charity  is said
to begin and begin again.

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