Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Get to Heaven

“She’s just being nice to you cause she’s
old and wants to go to heaven”—a line by
Bill Cosby which now suffers guilt by
association; however it is the case: old
changes things and values and attitudes
and one foot in the grave makes a difference.

Asked: I told a class I was 76. “O my,” a
small student suggested. “I would have
figured you for 60—way you act.”   

Students are smarter than I am &
always were but now I know it. More
savvy for sure. I could say I’m no
longer  interested in current issues,
world affairs, impolite political politics
and stuff like that, but I never was and
the benefit of old is not caring if it in

How to get to heaven (in manners
of speaking and something like that):
Ivory Tower marching to different
conundrums & yet don’t have to go
anywhere or do anything to put it in

play—rump a pump um. Old guy.     


  1. "marching to different / conundrums" is now my favorite line of yours and describes you (and all of us) perfectly

  2. rump a pom pom might come in as second or substitute?