Sunday, August 2, 2015

Family Devotions


Summer mornings on the front porch,
before walking down the sidewalk to
Vacation Bible School. Winters: after
supper around the dining room table.
One of my friends  knocking  at the
front door. "Bring him in, Sam. Let
him join us." Late July in the birches
off Cream Hill Pond before a wooden
cross my old man put together: us
singing "Day is  Dying  in the West."
Sun setting  over Gold Hill. Mosquitoes. 
Before any road  trip: "Lord  bless our
coming and our going from  this time
forward & even for ever more.”

Sentimental. Weak  theologically.
Liberal &  Progressive. Mainstream
Connecticut Valley Presbyterianism.
Never the less.

 “How many of you have ever shoplifted?
one of the students asked the class. Every
one eventually owned the crime. Except
one. Another wanted to know “who of you
guys masturbate?” Hands went up around
the room like the wave at a football game.
Anecdotal data is all. No one asked about
drugs, varieties of learning dysfunctional
diagnoses, DUI’s,  arrests, binging &
purging, cutting, compulsive jogging.

Fiction course. “A simple truth is nothing
but a lie.” Could have been American
Literature Survey. Starving liberal artistry.

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