Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Bad it Takes to Get Good

Embarrassmental Studies
& Leadership Programs.

Mostly I’m not built to love pain.
Intelligent design: don’t get hurt
if I can help it. Makes good sense.
What’s the  evolutionary advantage
of suffer-ability? Bring it on!

Collateral damage. Necessary pain
-in-the-ass (royal) accompanying
certain risky business? Getting
better at something, anything?
The bad it takes to get good? 
A pain.

10th Grade: Hall High.
West Hartford, Connecticut.
Miles Standish would copy
answers  to the 4th period
math test and pass them on
for my benefit during
5th.  Called him “Dish.” 

Biology class generated a
cloud of conspirators capable
of distributing correct responses
among ourselves to the daily
quizzes and weekly exams.

Cheating: a liberal art—

an environmental issue.

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