Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This is My Bawdy

 Broken for View

Trigger Warning--these words may
generate dismay: Rupture. Interrupt.
Disrupt. Corrupt. Raptor. Rape. Rapt.
Rapture. Some more than others seeing
as the connotations they carry trigger
different values but descriptively they
come close to  describing the same thing. 
Sticks and stones may hurt my bones
but words forever shape me. 


We all live in the same reality, me and
Dong Ping have decided.  But radically
different environments. Cultures, Customs,
Bubbles. Boxes. Protocols. Conventions.
Caves. Smoke signals on a windy day: how
we communicate. Can you see me now?


I try industriously to be oracular, profound,
smart, witty, clever, insightful, amusing:
pick-up lines—me, fishing for myn to hook
& haul into the canoe, flip  flop in dry air
before splashing back into the pond forever
more alien among finny friends —one-eyed
in the  valley of the blind so to speak, mixed
meta force not with standing.  Liberal Art:
an obsession. Compulsion. Presumption.
Making the world a better place passive


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