Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Skettios, or Forget About It

Skettios, or Forget About it

Posting to colleagues and FB friends
lifts me out of depression  each day
like jogging or I guess yoga might
could, & playing piano or coloring.
I just now read that picky eaters as
small  children tend to develop
emotional if not mental illness later
in life.

       Skettios, or forget about it.

My heart sinks as I scroll down the
facebook offerings.  Dread. Angst.
Burning under the breast bone.
Kafka’s K—wondering and wandering
thru the city what his guilt was how
come it is I feel so bad.  So I write
something, anything—profound if
possible, oracular or at least witty—
punch it in, maybe  a couple or more
and I feel better. It makes me feel
better. I feel better already.  Liberal

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