Friday, September 18, 2015

If's Not Easy Being Theological


Factor IT in (omg).  Tie breaker
between rocks & hard places, devil
& deep blue sea. Damned if I do &
damned if I don’t. Mediator or
 Trickster, say. Beyond me, damit.
Damned if I know. OMG. Factor it in.

The satan, like the jester, was an
agent of the court hired to test, tempt,
accuse, jostle, jerk-around, tweak,
tantalize, mock , accuse: --an adversary
aiming to reveal the strength and
weakness of the petitioner (or accused)

Diabolical:  literally “throwing across”
(as opposed to symbolical: throwing
together). Bear goes over the  mountain,
to see what he can see. Apocalyptic so
to speak. .Revelation. Deconstructionism,
say. Functionary. Subordinate serving  
the system.

OMG pronounced omgah stands for
hap happening happily like it or not:
thy will-nilly be done no doubt. Beyond.
Beyond ways we talk about hap and
ways we talk about ways we talk about
hap. Yonder. Also  known as IT as in
you know what I mean and I don’t have
to spell it out. Can’t.  Enough said.

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