Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Selfi OMG


I’m not spiritual worth a damn
but I’m religious as hell—little
empathy or compassion but 
consequently quite tolerant. I
stare when others groan & grieve.
Sociopathetic no doubt,  comfortable
in my own spin. Wretch like me

Clapped into jail by my consciousness
but aware of it—prison walls informed
by wings of a dove & immaculate
conception., Behind bars, no doubt.

Death and rebirth time after time—
die hard  over and over. Not easy
being phenomenological, an
epistemologist , enlightened,  born
again. smart and smarter, savvy:
one-eyed in the  valley  of the blind.

Feeling is Boss and drives the Car Car.
Reason & Logic man handle the kiddy
seat. Toot the rubber horn. Beep! Beep!

Mind-set’s a citadel, Homeland
Insecurity  Comfortification  against
slings, arrows, buckets of  oil— defense,
offense.  Scorn, mockery, outrage,
consternation, facts, data, logic, sermons
don’t dent anyone or improve the whirl.
I practice any way: improvised explosive
devices exposing contradictions,
inconsistencies, hypocrisies, hopes
and fears. Pants on fire. Rice off rhinos.

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