Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mania on the one hand, depression on the other,

Mental & Emotional Illness Awareness
When fear disappeared I got manic.
When I got manic, fear disappeared.
Riding my bike back from NC State,
a late October afternoon a monumental
truck hauled up behind & passed me,
sucking off fear of the ages and by the
time I got home I was walking on water,
so to speak. As it were

Mental & Emotional Illness Awareness
Christmas Break, sitting in a Duke carrel
working-up the spring syllabus after teaching
my first college courses: suddenly—no prelude—
down and down we go, round and round we go:
that old black magic called Dread . Black dogs
barking all the time.
 Emotional & Mental Illness Month, Be
Ware. It wasn't long after starting to read
aloud Emerson’s Self Reliance to my NC
State required lit class that I began to snuffle
and sniffle, tears rolling down my shiny cheeks
and could see the embarrassment in my student
body. Hell withem if they can’t take a joker.

Mental&Emotional Illness Awareness
After 6 years boss of the faculty and loving
the power of administrator, I was sitting
on the Biltmore Forest golf course, 4th
of July, festive drinking and dancing going
on when bolt from the blue & wings of the
dove down the rabbit hole deja view round
and round—that old black dog called dread.

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