Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mental & Emotional Health Awareness

Mental (& emotional) illness awareness
month, as if more awareness might could
reduce depression, mania, fear, anxiety,
panic, night sweats, binging, purging,
hoarding,  cutting and all varieties of
neurotic experience.  Drugs and alcohol
and self- medicating: momentary solutions,
no doubt.  

Platitudes and  bromides and bible verses.
Confucius-sayings and Buddha admonitions,
yoga and self-help advice, smelling coffee
in the  morning, puppies to pet, being aware
of starving children in Africa, hordes of  
immigrants, highway shootings, church
burnings, Trump  pontificating, Bernie
expostulating—putting my angst in global
 perspective.—none of  these make me more
grateful or improve my daze.  Shame on me.
 A gap  between what I know and  what I feel
& no bridge or pontoons make no  never mind. 

Prayer- from Latin precari : precarious

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