Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ah, the Humanities

The Humanities

Knockout blue-eyed brunette airline
stewardess living next door with her
eventually affluent law-student husband.
asking what my disserting was all about,
me: sitting on her back steps.“Hawthorne,”
I said. “Nathaniel Hawthorne.”  “Oh,” said.
“I see.”  

Me and Junie Harbrandt accidently
set fire to an empty lot behind the next
door nunnery: us smoking butts from
off the  Catholic church steps, and things
got out  of hand. My good old preacher
man at  wit’s end for a new tactic took
me up to the attic and spanked his own
self. “This hurts me more than it does you,

 My parents thought maybe I was deaf
and took me to a hearing-doctor  for tests.
"He's not deaf; he's just not listening to you."
We didn't have ADD yet, people smoked
in cars and movie theaters. Kids roller skated
without helmets, necker knobs on steering
wheels, no seatbelts * Dick Tracy had a 2-way
wrist radio.

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