Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Like Me

Johnstown, Pa back in the mid 40’s, me and 
Juney Harbrant broke into a jiggle dance in 
front of the gazebo band and Presbyterian 
saints and sinners—them eating watermelon, 
ice cream sandwiches and drinking orange pop . 
Helter-skelter scarecrow crazy-legs, plastic-
man arms, bobble head, feet-flopping butt-
wiggle: look ma no hands; & the band played 
on  till my good old preacher man snaked in,
grabbed my chicken neck & hauled me on to 
the green grass growing all around all around,
the green grass growing all around. See: I need 
to be completing my dance dance & all I wanna
do is dance: twist and tweak and twerk: Facebook
my Facebook—look at me: see me, hear me, 
touch me, feed me, like me really like me.

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